RenVM Mainnet Release Plan on REN Medium:

"As we continue to prepare for Mainnet, we want to share the high-level release plan and its implications for the community, especially those running Darknodes. This release plan is not designed to be an exhaustive discussion of each release phase, but to set the foundation for the coming months, prepare our community for more active participation, and begin the conversation around a gradual release. Each phase will have a standalone blog post that details its distinct characteristics and how to get involved when released."

Market Outlook: Ren Protocol Enters Zone of Interest on The Dailychain:

"Ren is one of the more interesting charts in the space right now, especially when looking at it on the weekly and daily time frames over a long period of time."

August Development Update on REN Medium:

Without a doubt, the biggest achievement of the last month has been the successful release of RenVM Testnet. It has now been running smoothly for two weeks, and we have been able to gather the first bits of feedback from other projects and the general community.

RenVM Testnet Launch | Bringing Interoperability to DeFi on REN Medium:

Our development team has been working hand in hand with third-parties to provide all the necessary resources for an easy integration process. These components are also being released so that developers can begin building and testing their ideas right away.

Ren Project: Exploring the Benefits of Inter-Blockchain Liquidity on Asia Blockchain Review:

"RenVM essentially serves as a plug-in for decentralized finance, and therefore, any DeFi application can incorporate RenVM’s capabilities into their applications and existing smart contracts. "

July Development Update from REN Medium:

"Since June, the Ren dev team has been busy testing, improving, and stabilising the RenVM Testnet in preparation for its upcoming release. Over the last month, we have continued this rigorous testing and are now in the final stages."

What is Ren Project (REN)? Interoperability, Privacy, & Crypto Liquidity on Blockonomi:

"Without interoperability, it is impossible to connect different blockchains together in a way that their decentralized applications can benefit from each other’s liquidity and provide a simple and complete experience for their users"

The Ren Project(REN): A Brief Overview from L33T GUY:

"It was always understood by ICO buyers that the REN Project, based in fintech-friendly Singapore, was attempting to build a sophisticated privacy layer and it looks as though they were finally getting very close to a resounding success. As they put it, they were building the infrastructure to connect the unconnected."

Update to our Analysis and Valuation of REN from Blocktown Capital:

"Given the incentivization structure of the RenVM, namely fee generation, we use a discounted cash flow analysis to determine the present value of REN to be 2.47 USD"

Interview with Ren co-founder Loong Wang on Defiprime:

"During development, we quickly realized that dedicating an entire network of machines to a single dark pool - consuming their compute power, storage, and network bandwidth - did not make sense."

What is Secure Multi Party Computation? on Hackernoon:

"Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) is an important subset of cryptography. It has the potential to enable real data privacy. SMPC seeks to find ways for parties to jointly compute a function using their inputs, while keeping these inputs private."

Penguin FA — Republic Protocol ($REN) from Crypto Penguin:

"In a November 2018 presentation and their January 2019 update, the team revealed that in their quest to create the most private dark pool possible, they ended up creating a new virtual machine called RenVM."

REN A decentralized dark pool protocol for trustless cross-chain atomic trading from Binance Labs:

"Nodes race to discover order matches and any match that is found must be registered so that other nodes can see which orders have been closed. Associated traders are notified and none of the matched orders can be involved in future matches. This process is done on the Ethereum network and if two orders do not match, they will continue to be used in future matching games. Traders can specify an expiry of up to 24 hours or cancel their order unless it has already been matched. Any fees associated with an unmatched order will be refunded upon expiry or cancellation of the order.."